Frequently ask questions

All the answers to the questions you ask us! Don't hesitate to ask us new questions, we'll be happy to be able to answer them.


1-How can I place an order and receive it the next day?

Call us at 1-800-363-4729, by Fax at 1-888-449-7767. If the order is placed before noon, it will depart on the same day. In Quebec, the majority of sectors receive service the next day. For all other sectors in Canada, a 2-day delivery period is normally allocated.


2-Can I trace an order after it has been shipped?

You call directly at our offices and ask for the shipping department. We will conduct a search with the carrier concerned as soon as possible


3-Is there a minimum order?

A $50 minimum fee is required for any order. We also have minimums per product:
BALLON MYLAR: 4" - 9" -min. 3
18 » -min. 3
Shape - sold on a unit basis


4-What are your carriers?

In Canada, we deliver primarily through Nationex and Purolator. If you want another carrier, you need to get in touch with them and make the necessary arrangements. Outside of Canada, special arrangements are made with UPS for small orders and other arrangements are made with different carriers to ensure that they provide the best service in each sector of the world.


5-How can I pay for my order?

At the counter, by Interac, in cash, by credit card (Visa-MasterCard), post office voucher or COD by certified cheque.


6-Do you deliver outside of Canada?

We deliver all over the world.


7-How do I get a catalog?

Please contact one of our customer service representatives.


8-Do I have to have my business to order from the BLC Inter Group?

Yes, the BLC Group is a business-to-business and only supplies merchants.


9-How can I learn more about decorating?

We have a whole section on FORMATION as well as a series of decorating ideas. The BLC Group offers a personalized training program according to your needs. Please contact our customer service for more information.


10-How can I become a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA)?

The CBA program is available on DVD in several languages.


11-What is the Ultra Hi-Float?

It is a concentrated treatment for the ball that allows it to float much longer.


12-Why use Ultra Hi-Float?

We recommend using the treatment to extend the flotation time when you want a décor to last longer or you want to prepare it in advance.


13-How long will an inflated Balloon at Ultra Hi-Float float?

An 11" balloon will float with Ultra Hi-Float for 7-28 days compared to 12 to 24 hours for helium.
A 14" balloon will float with Ultra Hi-Float for 14-35 days compared to 26 to 40 hours for helium.
A 16" balloon will float with Ultra Hi-Float for 21-50 days compared to 32 to 51 hours for helium.